Desigual collaborates with international artists to create new prints - The first collaborator is the versatile Spanish artist and designer Miranda Makaroff. - Desigual chooses artists for their authenticity, positive personality, artistic talent and a philosophy of life based on freedom of expression. - This action is part of the process of transformation of Desigual, #aNewDesigual, which proposes a new concept of stores, products and image of the brand.
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Create, reinterpret, redesign ... Desigual prints. This is the new project that has just been launched with the aim of bringing novelty, modernity and freshness to the brand. The action consists of collaborating with international, innovative and authentic artists, so that, through an exercise of freedom of artistic expression, they create new prints to apply in the brand's garments, thus configuring small exclusive capsules for Desigual. Each collaborator can create several designs, prints or illustrations, which will be applied in various garments and will be put on sale as a capsule and under his artistic name. The first collaborator of the project, whose garments go on sale today May 28, has been the Spanish artist and designer Miranda Makaroff. The artist has created five new prints of unique and exclusive design, which have been reproduced in the different garments that make up her Miranda Makaroff capsule for Desigual. "My inspiration has been to take my paintings to the textile world, to change from canvas to fabric creating a world full of color and fun, fleeing from the robotic prints of the digital world. Each and every one of the prints have been handmade, drawn by brush and scanned to preserve the authenticity of the stroke, "says Makaroff. The collection will be presented at an exclusive event on May 31 in Madrid, which will have the presence of the artist herself. The capsule will be available at several selected points of sale in Spain until it runs out. The color palette is cheerful, sexy and summery. The collaboration consists of five prints. The first is a marine print, with starfish and fish, and the second, contains women who enjoy their nude because they have nothing to hide. The third print is more minimal for lovers of geometry but always maintaining that joy in colors. In the fourth print we find a woman reclining in a chez long, she could be an aristocrat or an artist. Finally we find a final pattern with abstract shapes that remind us of amoebas, which float loose and relaxed by a river of white water. "I have sought a fluid encounter between the essence of Desigual and my imagination and I believe that the fruit has been delicious. It is a collection made for people full of life, who do not want to go unnoticed and who like to enjoy fashion as if it were a game. It's a collection to feel free, to dance barefoot on the beach, to be sensual and above all, yourself, "concludes artist Miranda Makaroff. After Makaroff's experience, other international artists are expected to participate in this new Desigual project.